Meeting Marley!

Let me first start off saying that Marley is adorable! I love taking photos of senior dogs as they all have different personalities. Her's was: I can for sure listen but your not my mom. Alexis had Marley since she was three years old, so the connection these two have is incredible! The day they picked her up from the shelter, she rode home in her cute. It's now 11 years later and that little pitch black puppy is now almost completely grey. I was so happy to capture a few images showing off Marley & their connection.

Meeting Pumpkin!

Pumpkin had a ruff life before he meet Alexis. He was born a nurse mare foal and than sent to the kill pen after birth. He than was picked up by the Amish for 2 years and than sent back to the kill pen. He was picked up one last time and went into a harsh training system. When Alexis found him, he was super skittish and spooky ( I don't blame him!). Now they can do absolutely anything together! Swimming, camping, bareback, and even standing up on him. He's a bulletproof sweet pony and he now also has my heart. ♥

The Fairy Tale Feels

When Alexis asked if she gets another outfit change, I was like absolutely! I was not accepting to step into a Cinderella story but let me tell you something it was so fun & I would do it again! The details, the dress, her smile, and the connection are really shown within these photos.