Meet Squishy aka Canine

Canine aka Squishy is a purebred English Bulldog who is absolutely the cutest little pup ever & just has so much personality! When I first met him, he was a little shy but once he was like this person gives butt scratches - he was ALL in! He's now known as the cutest little predator dog.

I Saw Peter & Sherilyn Again

When I first met these two loves it was back in May 2019 and Peter since then has evolved into an amazing and sweet horse. The last time Peter just wanted to do the Irish Jig and be silly but this time he was very relaxed.

Met Vicky for the first time!

When I first saw Vicky, she was such a beautiful soul and just always so sweet, wanting to please Kate. Kate has fallen in love with her since the day they both met. Vicky's background is from the Amish family for most of her life. Than at one point in here life, she ended up at auction. Until Kate finally found her through another owner and now the rest is history.

Their photos really do show their connection and how much they love one another. ♥

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