Meeting Melissa & The Barn Family

When we first arrived at the barn, I was nervous to meet Melissa. Silly of me because normally I'm a very chilled and peaceful person. When we stepped foot into that barn, it felt like we were welcomed and like we knew everyone before! They are such an amazing barn and cannot recommend them enough. I was happy to meet everyone and thanked everyone for ALL their help throughout the photoshoot session, we couldn't have done it as smoothly without you.

Meeting Cowboy

So would I be crazy to say that Mr. Cowboy is a Dressage horse? Well I'm not fooling you! He was such a sweetheart and gentleman for the session. Was very attentive, although towards the end he was getting sleepy - but I don't blame him! It was a long day for him.

Meeting Snu

Snu has such an incredible bond with Melissa that it was easy to see within all the photos I took of them. At one point of time, Snu had nowhere to go and Melissa, didn't want to see him go into the wrong hands. She signed the papers on Christmas Day and he's been hers forever since.

The Love for White Backgrounds

Normally my fine art portraits have a black background but with this session, I found my love of creating white backgrounds. They are truly timeless and beautifully unique for any horse. I love that these really bring attention to the tack and meets you at the horses eye.