The Products

Whether your looking for something simple OR looking for something elegant, I offer the finest and richest products that are unique to my photography.

The Experience

When you first get your gallery, I know the feeling can be overwhelming to choose which one to print or get as digitals! I offer both archival museum-grade quality pieces as well as digital collections for each client. Payment plans are available.

Wooden Box

A personal keepsake just for you...

Imagine taking a stroll in a forest, just you and your horse. Take in consideration of all the senses you may feel: smell, taste, sound, and touch. Your smelling the pine snap off the trees, the crisp air, and maybe your horse just took a #2 on the path! Take a listen to the bird calls, water flowing in the stream just ahead of you, and your horse breathing underneath you calmly. You walk forward to the water stream as your horse paws at the water and you feel the rush of serenity with your partner in crime. One last sense to experience is the taste - your horse sips on fresh water from the stream as you take a break with the goodies in your bag that you bought!

Your probably wondering why I just took your mind through that scenario for just a wooden box? Well this box is not just a 4 corner, throw some photos in, and call it a day box. When you first open your carefully hardpacked wooden box, you will smell the woodsy scent of you being in nature. You feel the craftmanship that went into your box, all the small details that matter. One final touch is that you created this wooden box with love from our photo shoot session.

Coloful Box + details

We will carefully pick out which color suits your photo session based upon if your horse has a "color" or if it's just a favorite color of yours! All the details on the box are simple to create with a preview curated to what you would like until we finalize it for the box.

Choose from 6 beautiful colors for your box: Blue, Yellow, Pink, Red, Purple, and Green.


From the front of your box to the inside and lastly the filling included in the box is all from nature.  The USB drive is from a dead tree branch that has already been broken off a tree. The wooden boxes are painted with non-invasive paints based on water and infused with natural beeswaxes. The wooden box itself is made of pine wood. The box is filled with dried natural moss and cones - taking you back to our trail ride with your pony!

Your Photos + Files

The final part about your wooden box is that in includes your photos + USB of ALL full resolution images that were in your gallery. The box can hold up to 200 - 4 by 6 photos & a special space for the tree bark USB.

Starting Price at $400


Handcrafted & museum graded quality canvases designed to turn any photograph into a beautiful piece of art. Printed on premium fine art canvas with a wire backing for easy installment.


11 by 14 = $280

16 by 20 = $390

20 by 20 = $490

Physical Small Prints

Not your everyday print when you print through me. This print will feature a pearl shine finish that doesn't leave those pesky finger prints on glossy images.

Small Prints

4 by 6 = $15

5 by 7 = $15

8 by 10 = $30

11 by 14 = $40

16 by 20 = $60

Large Prints

20 by 30 = $105

24 by 30 = $130

30 by 40 = $195

Custom Print Bundles

Save $$ on creating your own print bundles.

For example:

x5 8 by 10s

x1 16 by 20

x12 4 by 6's


Original Cost = $245

Bundle Cost = $172

**Minimum amount of prints to order is 15 to create your own bundle.**

Custom Sizing

I offer the traditional sizes you would see in a gallery. Custom sizing is available through request.

Digitals & Print Release

Most sessions come with either social media images or a print release. What's the difference?

Social Media Images are ONLY for social media posting.

A print release is for printing, sharing the images without a logo for personal use. I still hold the copyright to them however you can print them on your own etc.

I also offer tiered pricing for digitals if you wanted just a few in your package.

Add On - Wood or Metal Ornament

01 / 03


Metal and Wood Ornaments are a cheerful way to celebrate holidays and show off your images. These also make for great gifts! Offered in 6 different shapes.

Each ornament is $30 per ornament.